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How Wrong Can A Guy Be? I thought "hypnosis by phone? No Way! But I took a chance. While in the safety and comfort of my own home he easily and effortlessly moved me past my problems. Those problems are gone now and the phone only made it easier for me to get my life back.
Robert Smith, Salt Lake City, UT

My hard earned dollars very well spent. I called around but couldn't find anyone else with your experience and intuitive know-how. After talking with you I knew that you understood me and my problems more than anyone else that I spoke with. I think you cost me a few bucks more than some of the locals but your worth it, you delivered. Thanks Doc.
Byran Chapolski, Oklahoma City, OK

I contacted Dr. Leo. At the time, I was what I refer to as a somewhat functioning alcoholic. I began to realize that the urge to drink alcohol was leaving me. Suddenly, the impossible seemed not only possible, but probable. I am a new person and look forward to a bright future! I am not sure why this has worked for me. However, rather than question it, I will choose to accept the changes and be grateful!

Dr. Leo THANK YOU! It was 90 days ago today that we had our stop smoking telephone session. After 32 years of being chained to cigarettes, suddenly I wasn't. I never imagined it could be this simple and this easy. After 32 years I can only say it was simply remarkable & Thank you Dr. Leo!
D Lauby

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"Do You Want REAL HYPNOSIS That Will Transform Your Life?"

  • In this simple experiment if you had difficulty opening your eyes or simply did not open them, you are an excellent candidate for The Gagnon Method of Hypnosis. Congratulations!

  • You are now poised for success far beyond what you expect. Complete the Free Hypnosis Evaluation to transform your life with Real Hypnosis.

  • Even if you "popped" your eyes open during that mini-session, you should complete the form for the Free Hypnosis Evaluation. All of your questions will be answered during your Free Hypnosis Evaluation. You will be shown how you can benefit from my special hypnosis.

  • Should you choose to start sessions, you will work with Dr. Gagnon directly.

  • Everyone experiences change during their first personal session. You too, can look forward to experiencing a positive difference even with your first session.

  • Change Your Life

    Learn How "The Gagnon Method" of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can change your life.

    With my therapies, change simply happens. Any problem, any issue emotional, physical, mental or even spiritual, if your life is difficult and you want it to be different it can be done. I know your troubled but you will need to call me toll free at 898-368-0433 so I can know how you're troubled and how I can help you get free. If You Want Help And Have All But Given Up... There's Hope With My Hypnosis!

    When we are unhappy with our emotional life we mask our troubles with alcohol, drugs and food but they don't work very well and soon enough the pain comes back. Medications are not a result of every health-related issues, but some health issues require quality drugs to treat. Quality medication can only bring the solution to your health problem. For the medication to be of genuine quality, I'd recommend you to buy drugs only from the legitimate online pharmacy such as www.exlpharmacy.com, which is dedicated to serving people by selling drugs for the affordable price. When you consume this quality medication, your body will regain back to normal state. Your all mind worries about your health will drain.

    What's Your Problem? Whatever it is, it's all in your head! My hypnosis is the only way to gently get into your head and make life better.

    Life just never seems to be what we want it to be but that can be changed with my hypnotherapy. Each of us moves through life with our own cross to bear thinking that "it's normal to struggle" with anger, sadness, fears, guilt and depression and a host of stressful emotions and addictive habits.

    On These Pages you will discover information on many of the areas where my expert hypnosis and hypnotherapy will provide you the window of opportunity for changes in your life beyond your highest expectations. I will show you change as it is meant to be... easy!

    As a therapist my work is about helping you beyond your imagination. You will learn that even the most difficult problems are resolvable.

    It may be 'normal' for others to struggle, but for you, with the help of the Mind Master, Dr. Gagnon, life no longer has to be an ongoing battle to be happy.

    Opportunity is knocking. So, what can I help you with?

    Like weeds the troubles of life are rooted in ourselves. Some can be simply pulled while some must be dug out

    Dr. Leo Gagnon,

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    Here is my "day after" scoop. Sometimes, before, when I was walking along to do something, I would have this feeling of heaviness. Not today! I felt light. I even flipped my hair outward. It has been inward for years. I guess I just feel like a happier person. Thank you, so much!
    Karin G. Phoenix, AZ

    Carolyn W. Vero Beach, FL

    I really didn't believe he could help me and I almost didn't keep my hypnosis appointment I worried "what if it doesn't work?" when I really should have thought, "what if it does work?" I'm so glad I kept that appointment.
    Robert Knott, Ocala, FL

    He said he's a Master at his hypnotherapy trade. I doubted him. I thought, "I've tried so many things and failed, why fail again". If I hadn't kept that hypnosis session appointment with him I would still be lost and miserable. We did Not Fail!!! Dr. Leo, you are the best investment I have ever made.
    Carolyn LaRue, Atlanta, GA

    Unbeliveable! I didn't think I could be hypnotized. With Dr. Gagnon, it turned out to be so easy.
    Tanya Boran, San Antonio, TX

    Why Do Others Make It So Hard?For years I struggled. I went to a shrink, a went to a regular hypnotist, I took medications, Yoga classes, read the self help books and attended lots of classes. They all made it difficult, a lot of work and I really didn't change much if at all. Doctor, your hypnosis made it simple. My troubles are now few and my life is taking off in the right direction. It's been easy with your hypno-guidance. Thank You,
    Sandra Lane, Tacoma, WA

    Dr. G., you're worth every penny. Your no-nonsense approach coupled with your experience just cut through my problems like a hot knife through butter when I was desperate. Nothing else had worked. It was almost as if you knew me better than I know myself. I'd recommend you to anyone for anything. It's been a great experience.
    Tad Launch, La Mesa, CO

    Everyone knows how easy it is to give up on a goal, even something you want more than anything. What you don't know is how easy and positive it can be to have Dr. Gagnon help you, and he can't help you unless you ask. I have recommended him to everyone I know.
    A. Skinner

    Dear Dr. Gagnon; Just a short note to say Thank You for all of your help. I was so shy and unsure of myself. I now find myself walking around with a smile on my face all of the time. I now make a decision and know it's the best decision for me. You have truly made a difference in my life.
    E. McJohn

    Our real enemy is ourselves; one cannot choose when life begins nor when it ends, only how it is lived.
    old chinese proverb