About Dr. Leo Gagnon Master Hypnotherapist

About Dr. Leo Gagnon Master Hypnotherapist

The Problem Solver” Leo Gagnon, Master Hypnotherapist Leo Gagnon, Ph.D.

The Psychology Department at Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts first drew Leo Gagnon’s interest to the incredible potential of the mind. Much of his undergraduate work in psychology and sociology was later accomplished at Glendale College and Arizona State University. Years later the American Institute of Hypnotherapy awarded him his doctorate. AIH is a California State authorized school offering extensive specialized non-traditional hypnotherapy education.

He is a member of prestigious associations such as the National Board of Hypnotic Anaesthesiology, the National Guild of Hypnotists and the International Association for Counselors and Therapists. He is President Emeritus of the Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis serving as President for three years.

After completing his 7 year tour of the country, he has settled his home and office in Prescott, Arizona. He maintains an active practice in Prescott and attracts individuals to his office from all of Northern Arizona and Yavapai County. Because so many people came to know of his amazing skills during his travels, he still attracts hundreds of referrals from across the United States. Working with his national clientele by telephone, he achieves for them the same great results as those that come into his office.

Anyone researching Dr. Gagnon’s accomplishments will find that in order to help his patients he instills within them the single most motivating factor, that being the power of thought. He believes that answers to specific problems lay “in the way we each create our thoughts, how we store our memories and how we use those thoughts in creating our reality.”

With almost 4 decades of research and applied experience communicating with the minds of thousands, Dr. Leo Gagnon continues to assist others in his Prescott office as well as his national telephone practice, his books, CD’s and, as a nationally known speaker and his educational seminars.

My name is Greg Vanderboegh and I have something important to tell you regarding Leo Gagnon, Ph.D. and hypnotherapy. In August, a friend fo mine strongly encouraged me to contact Dr. Gagnon and schedule a consultation.

At that time it had been nearly a year after the end of my marriage of 16 years to a woman I loved with all my heart. There are no words to describe the emotional pain and suffering I had experienced. I had always thought that I would be married to her forever, and that we would together watch our children grow and mature into their own lives. For me it was a dream that I lived for until she moved out of our home and into another mans arms.

When I arrived for my consultation I was literally an emotional wreck of a human being. I was severely depressed and at the lowest point in my life and had every reason to feel that way.

A divorce, severe car accident, and the death of my mother within a six-month period had left me emotionally destroyed. I had tried a Nurse Practitioner, a Psychologist, many friends, and endless prayer hoping to find a way to get on with my life and then I met Dr. Gagnon. That all loving and supreme entity was working in my life.

To be honest, I was very skeptical that any form of alternative medicine could help me. After the consultation Dr. Gagnon detected that I had several issues that needed to be addressed, such as anger, fear, envy, and a very low self-esteem. All these issues were complicating my relationship with my children and causing me to divorce them in the process. I desperately wanted a relationship with my ex for the sake of the children, but that too was well beyond reach, everything in my life was gone.

Anger was consuming my entire life and effecting everyone around me. I was unable to sleep, eat, or exercise, something that had always been an important part of my life. I felt as if I had no life, only a miserable existence.

After my session dealing with anger, I felt somewhat relieved and again was skeptical that this hypnotherapy would work. Two days later I noticed a remarkable change in my life. Thoughts and memories that had previously ignited my anger no longer did. The thoughts and memories were there, but amazingly there wasn’t any emotion connected to them.

Soon I was feeling much better and was able to be optimistic about my future and myself. Today my relationship with my children, family and friends has greatly improved and I’m moving on with my life free from anger, fear, and a feeling of helplessness.

I’ve been able to accept what has happened, and found the most important aspect of my healing, forgiveness. Without Dr. Gagnons help I would never have found the key for recapturing my dignity and self-esteem. Without a doubt, it was worth the investment in myself to be able to feel “good” once again.

If you’ve reached a point where you don’t know where to turn, Call or email Dr. Gagnon and give him a chance, you’ll then understand what I’ve been trying to convey to you. As a friend I strongly encourage you to contact Dr. Gagnon and schedule a consultation.