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About Hypnosis

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Why Choose Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

You Want or Need Help
Choose The Gagnon Method of Hypnosis

When looking for help with some kind of problem you really need to decide on what kind of help you want.
A study recently published in the American Health Magazine will help with that decision.

A Comparison Study


  • Psycho Analysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions
  • Behavior Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions
  • Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions


Welcome to my world of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

It takes years of training and successful experience to produce results consistantly. Additionally it requires understanding of human behavior and flexibility of therapy models to be unequivically successful with each patient.
What Makes the Gagnon Method Superior?

The Gagnon Method Incorporates all the Old and New Mind Technology to facilitate all changes required to maximize success with each individual. Over the last 4 decades I have written scores of papers, articles and training pages. This paper has been written to offer some insight into a new and different perspective for creating change in life.

Traditional methods for change are often wrapped around years of “talking it through”, “coping with it”, or just support to “tough it out”. That’s called “Talk Therapy” or “Cognitive Therapy”.

My Hypnotherapy is not like that at all. The Gagnon Method of Hypnotherapy assumes you want results, and you want it to happen as soon as possible. So typically each session segments the problem, addresses it, then releases it from the subconscious thereby producing the ultimate end result you want expeditiously.

The art of hypnosis is simple but the ability to produce lasting change requires masterful techniques such as
The Gagnon Method.
What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is about quieting your conscious mind while connecting to the subconscious mind. One is not asleep but with a good subject they become the observer as the hypnotist “mind coach” guides them to their desired outcome. With The Gagnon Method a patient is always aware and in control whenever they need be.

We, as a society expect a change of habits, behaviors or emotions to take a long time. Hence, it’s difficult to conceive that change can happen quickly. Therefore my hypnosis has not generally been seen as a viable alternative to painful issues yet it is the fastest most reliable method when conducted properly.

For years it had been rumored that hypnotic changes don’t last. Not so. With the mind technology applied in The Gagnon Method change becomes far more permanent than by any other method. Working with the subconscious directly creates the most permanent change possible. Indeed, when you consider that you are a composite of every thought, feeling, emotion, of everything you have ever seen, heard, felt, lived, and experience stored in the subconscious only my hypnosis can help you. Working directly with the subconscious leads us to the area where the problem is. With The Gagnon Method we fix it (reprogram) and then you can go on with the life you want.

Perhaps as a perspective client of mine you could stand aside and do nothing simply because you really don’t understand my work. Some people may even be afraid of working with me simply because they just don’t have enough information to make an educated decision in their favor. The problem is one of fear and it’s normal. We all fear the unknown, so let’s move past that now and get somewhat familiar with hypnosis.

My work is done using hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I work at the subconscious level. That work produces change quickly, effortlessly with maximum results and long term closure.

While not all work calls for interactivity between you and I, much of it does. This means that you and I come to some agreements in your favor as we work through different issues. Once you and your subconscious are in agreement with the outcome you want, it becomes easy for you to accomplish it.

If you are a normal person with the ability to follow simple instruction, the probability of getting favorable results are enormous. So yes, it is pretty certain you can be helped with the work that I do.

During your initial consultation expect to have an “eye test” to determine if hypnosis can work for you. Most amateur hypnotist are afraid they may fail doing this simple testing and therefore lose your business. Failing to do this eye closure testing could also jeopardize your success if you choose to work with them.

Allow me to explain what the hypnotic experience is like for most people. Generally they report that the experience is much like taking a light nap, hearing everything that is being said, and waking up refreshed and changed in a positive way. In an interactive session they usually feel very normal and in control. That is because they are.

Remember no one can make you do anything that you don’t want to do. While “under hypnosis” you simply find that suggestions and directions given to you by “the coach” (me) make it easier for you to accomplish what you want.

As an example, you may want to stop smoking? With my hypnotic coaching, your subconscious will find it easy to forget to smoke and you soon find yourself living your life as a nonsmoker without a thought of smoking. Your subconscious is directly influenced by hypnotic suggestion when you have a good coach. Your subconscious is that part of yourself that has kept you believing that you need a cigarette. Doesn’t it make sense that influencing your subconscious mind to forget to smoke makes good sense?

Eating habit patterns that have been learned long ago, drive weight problems too. Cleaning your plate, deserts, a craving for sweets and even snacking are a part of learned behavior at the subconscious. You have met many people who suffer for months trying to lose weight and then “poof” the weight starts to come back on with a vengeance.

What happened is that they were using conscious will power to achieve their goal but did not enlist the subconscious to help. They lost their conscious will power and caved in to their old eating patterns. Happens all the time. In order to be effective at making a long term change, in one way or another, you must enlist the subconscious to help you. You must change the habit pattern at the subconscious before the weight problem will really go away.

There is a fine but fuzzy line between hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is about suggestion and reprogramming. Smoking and biting nails are examples. With hypnotherapy as mind coach and student. Interactively, I guide you through the mental maze of your mind to help you find, uncover and unplug the emotional discord so you can live the life you want. Anger, sadness and grief are examples. In session you are always alert and in control and communicating in an interactive way to resolve the issue.

For example, hypnotherapy would be used if one were besieged with guily feelings and they just won’t go away. Hypnotherapy can help you erase the emotion so you can get on with living your life. Change becomes permanent within a day or two.

Is experience important when choosing a hypnotherapist?

Absolutely. Not all hypnotherapists have the same schooling or experience.
Hypnosis is a tool that works when used by a professional hypnotherapist with experience. It helps if this is the therapist’s only profession. In that way the individual hypnotherapist is truly skilled at creating change through lots of practice and exerience using hypnotherapy models and not long term psychiatric models.

Amateurs tend to make the profession look bad. The results of an amateurs work often leaves people believing that they cannot be hypnotized and as such they often achieve minimal results. The profession suffers because clients that visit the amateur leave believing that hypnosis doesn’t work, when it was only a lack of skill on the part of the “therapist”.

Amateurs will refuse to guarantee their work, they act hesitantly and they are usually unsure of their skills because their training and experience are limited. Usually you can sniff them out by their low fee or when they tell you that your problems will be solved in one session. You soon discover you’ll be needing a whole lot more session work by a professional to get the promised results otherwise he or she is really learning on your dime.

Should you consult with a trusted advisor before working with a hypnotherapist?

If you are comfortable making your own decisions and can trust your intuition then no, certainly not. Yes if you feel you need to talk with someone you trust that understands hypnosis and your needs by all means do so. When visiting with them make certain they are coming from a position of knowledge not myth. Hopefully they are well versed in hypnosis and it’s benefits.

An unfortunate part of my work happens when someone plans to use hypnosis or hypnotherapy and a trusted advisor, probably well educated but not in hypnotherapy, advises against hypnosis without knowing anything on the subject.

Usually my potential client has been struggling to help themselves in many futile ways and are seriously looking for a way to resolve the problem, After visiting with them I KNOW I can “fix” the problem and their life will be turned around. However, before their first appointment they make the mistake of talking to a friend or relative that knows nothing about my profession or my clients true problems, yet they allow the “know-it-all” to make a no decision for them. A shame really!

The person counsels them to stay away from hypnosis because of their own lack of knowledge or fears. Sadly I sometimes lose those people to ignorance on the part of well meaning but misguided “advisors” and my potential client gets to keep their problem.

If you have questions and cannot find someone knowledgable about hypnosis, do the research at the library or on the Internet. With little effort on your part you will discover a wealth of information and possibly open a whole new world of help for yourself. Come from a position of knowledge not guess work.

If you have not already completed my Personal Information Sheet you may want to do so now. I’ll get back to you by telephone as soon as I can.

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