Alcohol Hypnosis

The Gagnon Method of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Since 1976 Has Helped Thousands End Alcohol Addiction
Hypnosis is the final solution to your alcohol problem

Yes, it is possible to stop struggling with drinking. As the urge, craving, need or desire vanishes you’ll soon forget about drinking.

Amazing? Yes but that is what The Gagnon Method can do for you.

Imagine getting through your day and night without thinking about booze.

Hypnosis Effectively Ends The Addiction
Not your standard go to meetings and be an alcoholic forever

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This page offers you an alternative solution to your alcohol problem using my hypnotherapy. You will find information regarding the very powerful sobering tools that I provide through hypnotherapy that will help you to reasonably and comfortably get sober and stay that way.

You Know You Have An Alcohol Problem …

Hopefully you’ve already done all your addiction research and pretty well know the depth of your alcohol problem, don’t you? So I don’t have to go there. All that’s important here is that you want to be done with “this drinking curse” once and for all time.

Now you’re looking for a way out without going to Alcoholics Anonymous, or an alcohol treatment center but you can’t do it yourself. You need a little help to get you over the hump. You know you can’t do it on your own because you’re still drinking way too much. Alcoholics Anonymous and other treatment centers may not be for you. Too regimented, restrictive or too negative.

Some people are just simply turned off by AA and alcohol treatment centers. On the other hand alcohol rehab centers can be pretty pricy. If your looking for a simple, economical yet effective strategy that will help you stop drinking and stay sober without losing your mind or everything you own then I think I may have the answer for you.

My exclusive Alcohol Freedom with Hypnosis System has been successful way and above traditional alcohol programs yet it is amazingly simple. You will discover that getting sober and sober living through my hypnosis system can be very easy for the motivated individual.


Here Are The Basic Steps

  • An initial Free visit by phone to determine motivation and hypnotiz-ability(If my hypnosis system won’t work for you I’ll tell you up front, but heck, what if my hypnosis does work?) Better to find out.
  • Scheduling a month of intensive hypnosis session work by phone (super convenient)
  • Making each appointment watching it get easier and easier to be sober and remain sober
  • Follow up as may be needed


  • A Person that is motivated, wants to quit drinking but can’t seem to do it on his own.
  • A person that drinks alone but may drink with others occationally.
  • A person that can go a day or several days without drinking alcohol.
  • A person who has tried to quit and failed more than once.
  • People that have recently got out of detox but are struggling to stay clean.
  • A person that wants to get sober and stay sober.


  • Reduces or eliminates the urge, craving, need or desire for alcohol.
  • Helps you to “forget to drink” alcohol.

Resolves the issues that caused you to drink in the first place.

  • Mentally positions you so that you “don’t care” about drinking.


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