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The Solution is Unlearning

Most Anxiety behaviors are deeply ingrained in the subconscious and few can believe that change can happen. People with Nervous Conditions most often believe they will always have their affliction.

Welcome To My World Where Anxiety Fades Away Like a Bad Dream!

If you are one of those few brave enough to move past drugs and psychotherapy and step into my world you will learn to feel safe again and in control of your life. Change is indeed possible.

Why Is Change Possible Now When All Else Has Failed?
Years ago when life for you was helter-skelter, you needed to control your life and there seemed to be no way to do it. You were damned if you did and damned if you didn’t. Read more about victimization in my ebook BE HAPPY.

Your Subconscious mind was, and still is, trying to protect you from the chaos of life earlier on. That confusion and mixed messages made no sense to you. “Why is this happening to me?” As a result your mind learned to help you to become extremely cautious of everything.

Today, your Inner Mind needs to Unlearn the extreme caution, so valuable in your past, and to acknowledge there is no longer a need for the hyper-vigilance of anxiety today. It’s my job to teach your inner mind that you’re ok now.

What’s different about my work?
Acting as your Inner Coach, I work directly with your subconscious mind (where the learned behavior is) to clear your nervous confusion from where it started right up until today.

As we work through each aspect of the nervousness behavior you will discover the real you that feels safer and calmer in your everyday life. Most often our work will all be completed in less than a month of time.

Take the first step to anxiety freedom.
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What to Expect

Expect change to start happening from your very first session with me. Like taking antibiotics you will be asked to stay with your program as you get to feeling better and better. Like peeling an onion, we work down one layer at a time. The root of most anxiety is buried deeply like a well entrenched infection. It takes time for cure to happen.

Getting Started

Start by send me just a small amount of information about yourself. I will treat it confidentially and with respect. Once I have your information I will call you or you may call me if you wish. All I ask is, if you submit the confidential form that you at least talk with me for a few minutes.

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More about Anxiety




While there are many reasons for anxiety, most cronic deep rooted anxiety comes from your childhood. Anxiety (worry) usually starts when, as a child you felt that you must please your parent or parents but no matter how hard you tried, you could never fully please them.

Your job now, as an adult, is to stop going into those old patterns and leave those childhood behaviors behind. But if you are like most anxiety patients not only do you believe you can’t change but you feel nothing can be done.

That’s FEAR screaming in your head. You believe you need this “anxiety protection” so you don’t screw up. Not true. Stop it here it simply will not go away by itself no matter how hard you wish it would. Living with anxiety for a lifetime is dieing a thousand deaths every day. You need my help so you can start to live your life fully without the horrible feelings of anxiety.

Panic attacks come from the same old patterns as anxiety attacks but are much stronger and sometimes you don’t even know where it came from.

To Stop Anxiety And Live Without Fear

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If you are one of millions that are suffering with anxiety I don’t envy you. Right now you’re in a conflict worrying that this will not work. And you’re going to be right, it won’t work if you do nothing, but then consider, suppose it does work. HMMMMmmm.

So just for a moment imagine in your mind that the work I will do with you will reduce or eliminate much or all of your anxiety. Take this a step further and imagine what life would look like when you don’t have anxiety. Go ahead, you can do it. Make it up if you have to.

See yourself with confidence, feeling self-assured. See yourself with determination and feel the strength in your voice and your manner. Now imagine yourself working with me and get a sense of what it will be like when you’re cured of anxiety. Good. Now Go To My Confidential Information Form and lets get started so you can be rid of all that anxiety once and for all time.

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Dr. Gagnon

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Many people resort to alcohol, drugs or other obsessive behaviors just to avoid confronting those horrible feelings. Counseling and prescription drugs only keep the emotional demons stifled so you can cope with what happened.

Unless you unplug the emotional pain at it’s very root you will never achieve true freedom regardless of how many years of cognitive counseling you go to. Psychotropic drugs such as Prozac can help to control the chemical imbalance sometimes associated with the expression of those emotions. Unfortunately, too often drugs are only a band-aid leaving the real roots firmly attached. And, as you may have noticed, it doesn’t get any better as time goes on, it just progressively gets worse.

Neither cognitive counseling nor drugs resolve the root cause. Just knowing why anxiety exists does not solve the problem. Even those who have gone though through years of psychotherapy or counseling find the pain is not gone but buried like a festering boil. It shouldn’t be.
If you can, take one moment now to think of something in the past that was either (pick one) very sad, made you extremely angry, left you feeling quilty or created fear. Do you feel the emotion starting to rise? If the answer is yes, then you are have been only coping and stuffing the emotion. As much as you would like to believe that you “laid it to rest,” it isn’t gone yet!

If the emotions are not totally released you will not ever get to live the life you want.

The emotions just won’t go away by themselves and neither will your anxiety. It will always be there lurking in the background until you clear the root cause. That is what we will do together.
New exclusive methods of Mind Strategy recently developed in the hypnotherapy offices of Dr. Leo Gagnon have enabled troubled individuals like yourself to release the painful baggage quickly and easily. For most people, the work is amazingly brief and effective.

Every person is unique and so are the problems, let’s fix yours.
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