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What is Emotional Fatigue? It is a sense of being overwhelmed by life and lifes circumstances. Generally someone experiencing Emotional Fatigue has lost their joy of living, may feel hopeless, worthless or even unwanted. Their emotional health is in jeopardy.

Emotional Fatigue may express itself in both emotional and physical ways. Typically Emotional Fatigue renders an individual unable to enjoy any or all aspects of living and could progress to include physical manifestations such as anxiety or panic attacks These physical outbursts can further your emotional stress and may require medication.

For example, you may be experiencing a constant state of anxiety, lost of interest in hobbies and activities that formerly brought you a great deal of joy. You may even worry a great deal about minor issues that others readily dismiss.

In advanced situations, the individual may begin to experience panic attacks coupled with a sense of total despair and helplessness. Anxiety and Depression will become linked to other uncontrollable emotions such as fear, guilt, shame, rejection, guilt, betrayel, remose, and a variety of phobias.

WHAT HAPPENED? With most of my clients it seems that sometime in the past an event or series of events placed them in an emotionally difficult place. There was no way out and they were overwhelmed mentally and emotionally by the experience(s). Dwelling on those events over time gave the mind fertile ground to grow an array of negative and hurtful emotions and create new and associated emotions.

Is There Hope? If you do nothing, no. Proper treatment involves a proven hypnotherapy recovery program to back out the negative emotions and provide support in reclaiming the good life possible for you.

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