Hypnotic and Antiepileptic effects of CBD

Epilepsy cases are increasing nowadays and almost 50 million individuals are suffering from it all around the world. Epilepsy is a condition in which seizures repeatedly occur out of control. This happens due to errors happen in brain signals or infections in the brain. The cause cannot be surely detected and abnormal activity of neurons are said to be the reason behind the occurrence of seizures. Sometimes they end up in shaking, shivering & broken bones too. In some other cases like it comes after withdrawal of alcohol. Many treatment methods are followed in various parts of the world. By using medicines we can prevent epilepsy which happens as additional one along with several other ailments.

        Most of the current medications used to treat epilepsy have various side effects. Some of them are harmful and happens to be the reason for inflammation in internal organs, depression etc. To control seizures and also to find out medicine with fewer side effects, we need to switch ourselves into natural therapy. When looking into organic medicines, it looks like CBD could be employed to control the seizure behavior of epilepsy. Before going into it we need to know about types of epilepsy and also we should have answers about whether CBD could be suitable to treat all types of epilepsy. CBD is not well-known medicine and in recent years only its usage is increasing. Also, there is a need to find out its true nature. CBD comes from hemp plants and some of the components are psychoactive in nature. So before starting CBD, we need to know about whether CBD is hypnotic. At higher doses of CBD and also its combination with THC maybe behave like hypnotic and which could cause more sleep and drowsiness among humans. Our article in this website analyses that for treating epilepsy whether this CBD is suitable and whether it is hypnotic or not.

Top Three Reports

A study made by Celia J.A. Morgan, Ravi K.Das, Alyssa Joye, H. Valerie Curran
and Sunjeev K. Kamboj who are belonged to Clinical Psychopharmacology unit from
University College London in the UK has researched about cannabidiol helps to reduce
tobacco addiction. They conducted experiments to find out whether CBD can impact
the addiction to cigarette usage. On their research, they found that CBD seems to
control the habit of addiction better than the usual other medicines. This could also lead
us to a common conclusion that similar medicines like cannabidiol which impacts with
endocannabinoid system of our brain can be applicable for fighting against addiction.
This study is conducted on 24 smokers who wanted to quit smoking. In a two week
time period, they have given the usual medicine in the first week and also CBD in the following
week. They are advised to inhale the medicine whenever the urge for cigarette
happens. Those who took normal medicine are still under the same condition after a week
and also their usage of the number of cigarettes is not decreased. In the other hand, those
individuals who used CBD have reduced their usage of the number of cigarettes by 40
percent. After the follow-up experimentation, it proved more effective in results. This
study suggests that CBD could be used for treating nicotine addiction.
On further research of studies like this, we might be able to get more information about
cannabidiol behavior. Because there is a question lies that whether CBD really controls
the brain made them quit or it acts like hypnotism material and diverged their
attention. If that has given a diverged attention means it can be helpful in preventing
smoking but they cannot live without using CBD. So to get clear conclusions on this,
more studies have to be conducted so that we will get to know more about its hypnotic
behavior in the future.

Another related study made by Melissa Prudhomme, Romulus Cata, and Didier
Jutras-Aswad from Research center under a department of psychiatry at University of
Montreal in Canada. This study talks about the systematic review on the intervention of
cannabidiol over addiction. Drug addiction which is a compulsive and chronic behavior
of humans towards the substance. This also stimulates the human brain to go beyond
the prescribed limits of consumption which is harmful to health. Every year more than 1 lakh deaths are reported to be happening because of drug addiction. They have
conducted research to combine and summarize the previous studies on lab rat
scenarios and also human trial based results in this research.

CBD is found to be more responsive towards the CB1 receptor in the endocannabinoid
system. The exact working mechanism is not known but CBD is associated with many
parts of the brain. It impacts many neural circuits which causes somebody to remove
their feelings towards a particular substance. In this research, they utilized 21 previous
studies which include both animal and human experiments. Nine among them include
rat/mice models and five models involve human trials. The consumption of CBD
seemed to introduce less attractiveness on morphine to already addicted rats. They
either gave up or used morphine in a much lesser amount than their usual consumption.
Scientist believe that it is not only with CBD, also happened due to the combination of
THC. Among human studies, after repeated usage of CBD & THC under limited dosage
it proved to be effective. Other narcotic users are subjected to this experiment. After
repeated use, they lost their will to get back to their usual drug.
Though this study has given a firm explanation about CBD, still the question about the
sedative behavior hangs on. Long term usage of CBD is still unanswered and more
studies need to be conducted to reveal about hypnotic behavior of this natural medicine.

Another study tells about Hypnotic and Anti epileptic effects of cannabidiol which is
published by Elisaldo A. Carlini and Jomar M. Cunha in the Journal of Clinical
Pharmacology. In their study volunteers are subjected to cannabidiol as well as a placebo
for treatment. Acute doses of cannabidiol starting from 10 mg to 600 mg are given to
them in thirty days. As a result, nobody is found to be suffering from psychological
disorders but many of them complained about the drowsiness of the medicine. ECG, blood
pressure test and other tests revealed that their body is not having any toxic substance.
Those persons who received 160 grams of cannabidiol told they slept peacefully and
not having a dream in their hours. Fifteen patients who suffered from epilepsy are also
involved in this experimentation. They were given cannabidiol and also a placebo. Seven
out of eight patients who consumed CBD faced improvement and felt better than
placebo individuals.
According to recent researches, another study in 2014 also supports the anti-epileptic
behavior which was conducted by Devinsky O and Cilio MR, Cross H and their team
from Department of Neurology in New York University School of Medicine, USA. They summarized the various researches previously conducted on CBD to treat epilepsy and
its effect on neuro psychiatric disorders. In the past, THC is the only component used
many times in this research. CBD is the non-psychoactive component and there is not
much data available about it as an antiepileptic substance. CBD looks like it is neuroprotective
can be tolerated by humans and the researches on human epilepsy are
limited. This study also tells that CBD maybe effective to treat epilepsy but there is a
lack of evidence under controlled lab studies and double blinded experiments. However
today CBD is proved as antiepileptic and used in the creation of drugs which could fight
against epilepsy.

FDA Explanation – CBD on Hypnotic Effect

There is an FDA disclaimer you might be able to see in most of the CBD oil selling
vendor sites. Previously it is not regulated by FDA, and it is not suggested a way for
treatment. Due to hypnotic effects and sedative behavior, FDA had put these medicines
on hold and they were not approved. Also, some of the vendors are selling CBD
products against market standards and low-quality CBD to consumers. They also
advertised in a way that CBD is applicable to cure cancer. FDA has taken legal action
against those companies and issued warning letters to them. FDA clearly conveyed
that CBD can be dietary supplements and it is not meant to be used for those patients
who are at risk. However, after examining meticulously in clinical trials, FDA approved
the CBD involved medicine namely Epidiolex which is used to treat 2 forms of Epilepsy
last June.
As from latest information, On Dec 20 of 2018 FDA released another statement
related to CBD. With reference to Agriculture Improvement act of 2018, they have made
some changes in which one of them is eliminating hemp from CSA. This means Hemp
plants will no longer be under an illegal category. To specifically speaking they passed
green signal to hulled hemp seeds, hemp seed protein and hemp seed oil. They also
told they are aware of people interest in the usage of CBD and they are closely monitoring
it. This regulation process will also grow more in the future to ensure the safety & public
health of people. A hemp product is now used as a dietary supplement and not as
recognized medical treatment. FDA also tells that CBD & THC products used as a dietary
supplement is illegal under FD&C Act. However, they told there will be new regulations
involved in an upcoming period of time. To tell exactly about CBD on Hypnotic effect, we
have not much details and we have to wait for FDA to release more important notices
in the future.

Does CBD use to treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Another interesting news about CBD is this medicine may be useful to treat Erectile Dysfunction problem. (ED) Erectile Dysfunction is becoming increasing due to a change in our lifestyle. Some people believe that invention of technologies reduced man physical activity which eventually causes ED. As seeking a solution to this crucial problem, this cannabis product might be able to match the requirement. ED happens due to problems in our nervous system and also due to stress & depression. Some other cases of ED include heart problems, endocrine problems, and exposure to toxic chemicals. Not only for ED It is always important to regulate our blood flow to all parts of our body.

CBD oil can be used as an anti-depressant which also lowers your stress disorders. CBD creams, balms and lubes etc are some of the external forms of CBD oil. The medicine can be directly applied over the skin for treatment. If it is applied directly over the male organ it will help to regulate the blood flow and cure if there is any inflammation present in your organ. CBD application is believed to enhance the feelings for both people. But no study has concluded saying that CBD can be used for ED. But it is clearly understood that CBD oil may reduce stress and anxiety.

Why does Cannabis makes you sleepy

The most common hearing information we receive from the CBD users this medicine
causes sleep. Some also say it causes a mild kind of drowsiness or keeps sleepy
symptoms after it is consumed. Well, I researched a bit & given here. Let’s figure out the
reason behind it.

Presence of Terpenes

Terpenes are basically organic components which is more common among plant
species. Generally, these Terpenes are responsible for odor/smell of plants. Scientist
believes that these Terpenes have some medicinal value and they might be the reason
for sedative action of Cannabidiol. Myrcene which is one such Terpene which found as
hypnotic in nature. Researchers say that when Myrcene gets combined with THC, the
sedative nature increases more. Another Terpene linalool which is actually associated
with lavender also comes in this list. When the lavender oil gets combined with CBD, it
was found that effective for anxiety patients. The behavior is almost similar to the action
of Lorazepam, the other drug used for anxiety. Nerolidol is another Terpenes compound
which is suspected for this drowsy effect. It is evident that normally as individual
components their behavior is different and when Terpenes gets combined with CBD &
THC their effects getting increased which makes the person to feel relaxation in
muscles, lowered anxiety and increase in sleep.
Though we can tell Terpenes is one of the reasons behind the sedative behavior of
CBD, but we cannot leave Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC has its own behavior of
inducing sleep in our body. After chemotherapy treatment, to reduce the severe pain
and to achieve sleep, our doctors using THC at very limited levels, which is one of the
marijuana usage in treatment. Other than that scientists believe that THC reduces
Rapid Eye Movement (REM) during our sleep. This Rapid Eye Movement is a phase of
our daily sleep cycle. During this phase only, we humans face dreams in our sleep. THC
seems to controlling REM and helps to achieve peaceful sleep. This is helpful to people
who suffer from hallucinations.


Cannabinol (CBN) is also one among naturally occurring components in Cannabis
plants. Normally they occur in lower levels but when the plants are getting old much
exposed to sunlight, the amount of Cannabinol present in them is increased. Also in low
quality plants and dried stems, components their presence is high. It is non psycho-
active but when it gets combined with THC, it will be more sedative than normal
medicine with THC.

Understanding CBD

Since CBD got legalized and numerous websites which sell CBD medicines
flooded our market, I feel everyone gets to introduced & getting news about the arrival
of this effective organic plant medicine. There is a lot of difference between the
awareness you get from sharing stories, hearing news about CBD and the awareness
you achieve from knowing what it is and what are the uses of it. The second one is the
only perspective that is going to help you out in Understanding CBD. Now I am sharing
you the second one to help you out with this medicine.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one among the 113 naturally occurring components in
cannabis plants. Now the CBD oil the medicine here we referred is taken from hemp
plants in which they account up to 40 percent. Also, another component which occurs
associated with hemp is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This THC is psychoactive in
nature and it can cause high after consumption. On the other hand, CBD is non
psychoactive in nature and it also has the ability to neutralize the effects caused by
THC. This combination has great health benefits and they can counter many of our
common ailments we suffer in our routine life.

Pure CBD which is referred to as isolate and it does not have other components and
consuming pure CBD isolates would not create high on the body. Full spectrum hemp which
refers to the whole hemp extract prepared from it. This full spectrum contains CBD as
well as THC and also other natural components. To avoid mind altering effects, THC is
reduced to 30 percent which makes full spectrum safer to use. Both of these 2
variations of CBD oil are commonly available in the market as oil tinctures, capsules,
edibles, gummies, wax, creams, lotions, vape oils and also pet CBD. You can consume
CBD along with your regular food. Consult your doctor before consuming this medicine.

How does CBD work?

Though many scientists put a lot of efforts and conducted many researches to explore
its functioning of anti depressant, anti inflammatory behavior, they feel there is yet many
things need to learn about. This CBD interacts with many of our brain receptors which
results in a change in the action of neurotransmitters. The impact of CBD over them makes
changes over our body cell behavior for many actions from pain to sleep. It has a positive
impact over human immune system and plays important role in neurogenesis. Due to its
interaction with the human endocannabinoid system, it fights against stress and relaxes
muscles which obviously give relief from pain.

Benefits of CBD

CBD is helpful to treat insomnia patients. It fights against anxiety and induces sleep for
body. CBD is effective in reducing the sleeplessness for those persons who have post-
traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Also, it is helpful in reducing the REM behavior which
could be useful for people who suffer from hallucinations & Parkinson’s disease.
CBD acts as an anti depressant and reduces stress disorders. It is effective in preventing
cardiac attacks, strokes and seizures. Also, it is applicable to treat multiple sclerosis.
CBD is legally declared as medicine to treat 2 rare forms of epilepsy.
CBD is an excellent pain reliever which could cure chronic pain, arthritis pain, acne,
inflammatory pain, cramps, injuries and common headache. It can be even applied as
an external purpose medicine. Also, this medicine is used for reducing the pain & side
effects of cancer treatment. Also, it is found to be useful in preventing various addictions.
Still, for many other ailments, CBD treatment can be applicable. To confirm that more
researches need to be conducted in this field.

So CBD oil can be used for insomnia?

Insomnia refers to the individual’s inability to achieve sleep due to many reasons. Using the best products will give you the best efectiveness. Choosing the premium cbd oil company will result in getting the best CBD oil.
Not feeling refreshed after sleeping, disturbance while sleep, waking up most of the times,
not interested to do it and dreams occurring which causes to wake up again are some of
the conditions of it. Stress, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, diet, improper sleeping
habits, life style are some the reasons for its cause. Around 40million people are
suffering from this condition. For many people who suffer other serious illnesses are
having insomnia along with it. Though there are already some drugs are available in
market to treat for insomnia, they mostly put a temporary end to the problem.  After the
drug function completed insomnia seems to repeated and after a certain period of time,
the usual drug seems to be ineffective in the human body.
Many people are dependant on alcoholic beverages for their sleep which makes
body unhealthy and it is also addictive. Some other use sleeping tablets which happens
to be dangerous at some times and potentially there are many side effects in it. So there
is a need exists to look for new medicine which also comes without any side effects.
Scientists believe that CBD oil can be applicable to treat insomnia. Many
researches have proved that CBD oil consumption reduces pain activity and stimulates
peaceful sleep. CBD’s interaction with the endocannabinoid system seems to control rapid
eye movement which happens to be the reason for dreams and disturbances during our
sleep. CBD has its own hypnotic effects in the body which stimulates sleep. Studies on
human trials concluded that individuals who took CBD dosage had better sleep in the night
than the person who consumed usual other drugs. Their sleep quality is much improved
than past records of using other pills. Also, we note that they had a pretty larger dosage to

reach that peaceful sleep. On smaller dosage, it does not behave as the sedative. CBD acts
as an anti-depressant and lowers the stress. It control anxiety and lowers the heart beat
rate which makes the person to feel relaxed. CBD oil does not cause addiction and in
fact, it will help out to give other habits like smoking, narcotic drugs and alcohol. When
you drink a lot of alcohol it affects the brain and tempts to eat unhealthy food. But CBD
does not controls the mind and produces peaceful sleep which makes it much better than
alcohol. Under perfect dosage and with doctor advice CBD can be excellent therapeutic
for treating insomnia.

How CBD works for hypnosis and Insomnia?

Though Hypnosis is a separate treatment method which could be provided by health care professional. Maybe CBD could do the same activity or both the expert and medicine can team up work out as a treatment to cure the illness. This phase has to be examined for more details by researchers. The purpose of hypnotherapy is to help the patient to get relaxed and to reduce their stress and anxiety.

Also, before major operations and chemotherapy treatments hypnosis is preferred in order to get the patient. It is performed by a specialist who uses verbal repetition to help the patient. Actually, they will increase your concentration and focus on your body to a higher point.

This treatment will be helpful to you in dealing things like severe pain, surgery, childbirth, bowel syndrome, cancer, dental operations, and severe headaches etc. This treatment is effective to reduce stress and phobias you suffer from. Also, it helps to reset the mind state to get freedom from addiction. Side effects for this treatment method are rare but it is not suitable for people who already have a severe mental illness.

Since CBD oil has also many similarities with this treatment method, there is a doubt that CBD could be a hypnotic medicine. Maybe in future CBD oil could act as the substitute for the existing treatment methods or also get happen as the replacement. Since hypnosis treatment is used to relieve pain and stress, the CBD oil can also accomplish the same goal. Under higher dosage CBD oil maybe has a chance to become hypnotic medicine. Always you should consult your doctor before taking such a high dose in order to avoid adverse effects.

Also, it seems like insomniacs may have a greater benefit with this new medicine. Almost many people have conveyed that CBD induces sleep and this comes as a handy solution for sleep disorders. We also have already conveyed that CBD control REM and which in result produces a clean sleep cycle. The senior citizens and also people who have Parkinson disease are also among the people who have sleep-related disorders in the list.

When consumed CBD, it lowers the heart rate and gives relaxation to body muscles. Due to reduced activity of a neuron in our brain after the interaction of cannabidiol, our brain signals body to sleep. As from user feedback, CBD is much helpful in fighting against insomnia and they have experienced a long hour quality sleep than their ordinary days. We request any of the readers and people who want to start CBD for insomnia to consult the doctor to before purchasing it. Insomnia can be treated in other ways too. CBD has higher chances to impact your existing medication. So it is recommended not to undergo any self-experimentation without a physician. The dosage level is also another important factor which could determine whether CBD could behave as a sedative or just good medicine. Your doctor can suggest you whether CBD is applicable for you to treat your insomnia. Utilize this medicine in a safe way and enjoy your life.