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Do you want to be HAPPY or do you want to be miserable and have everyone, including kids, around you pay because your partner cheated?

To People Who Want To heal the pain But Can’t Get Started

Cheating or having a love affair creates intensely painful emotions when the infidelity is discovered. Once the affair is out in the open there are many decisions to be made and questions that must be answered.

  • Can Your Marriage Survive This Infidelity?
  • Do You Want To Stay in This Relationship But Feel That You Cannot?
  • Do You Want To Move On?
  • Do You Want To Move On But Can’t?
  • If you react with highly charged emotions you could be making a mistake you will regret forever!
  • You need someone that understands your situation but more so, someone that can help you to act and react in the best interest of yourself and your family. This doesn’t mean staying in the marriage nor does it mean divorce. It simply means you must be in a mental state that will allow you to make the best choice.
  • To make those choices you must resolve the extreme grief, get past regrets and wishful thinking and let go of the anger at your spouse. A tall order, but doable.

OLD HURTFUL FEELINGS don’t die, normally they just get buried. BUT If not cleared, those bad feelings will only resurface at the wrong time and could ruin the life your rebuilding.

IF YOU TAKE NO ACTION NOW: when your “old buttons” are pushed, even accidently, all the old feelings will flood back in and RUIN the potentially of a good life

I can help you create the life you want and deserve, starting today.

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