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“If There Were A Way To End Your Obsessive Compulsive Behavior, (OCD) You’d Want To Know About It Wouldn’t You?”

Road To Remarkable

You know what Obsessive Compulsive Behavior is, what it does to you and that you haven’t been able to get out of its formitable grip.

You Can’t Control It

You act in ways that you just cannot control and rather wish you could control the behavior. You seem to be out of control and in some ways you are. Your Obsessive Compulsive Behavior rules and perhaps ruins your life and it takes many forms. Hand washing, hording, counting, doubt and lack of trust in yourself are only a few.

OCD Is A Subconscious Program

Your obsessive compulsive behavior is a subconscious program that started years ago to protect or care for you in some way. Now your obesssions keep you from enjoying a full life and living “normally”.

All Else Has Failed
Now Go With Someone That Can Help

The truth is books and talk therapies and even drugs won’t change much of anything. You now need an expert in resolving unwanted subconscious programing to help you to release obsolete behaviors. You cannot do it yourself. You’ve already tried to no avail.

The Childhood Connection

As you may already know OCD is an expression of anxiety. As a child, or later on in life, you were put into a position where you were unsure of yourself in some way. You reassured yourself that you were correct by obsessively checking, counting, hoarding or washing to insure your personal integrity.

Reliving Your Childhood Fears

Today, because you need to be right with yourself you are constantly and consciously checking yourself to insure your integrity. You can’t help it. You keep reliving your childhood fears.

You Simply Don’t Trust Yourself

Obsessive Compulsive Behavior is born in uncertainty with an intense need to be correct. It is fear of consequences if you are wrong. You may or may not be aware of those consquences today, yet you continue to act out compulsively not trusting yourself or those around you that tell you all is well. You act unconsciously.

Suffered Enough Yet?

If you have suffered enough with this dis-order it may be time to end the compulsive behaviors.


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