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Working Personally With You Dr. Gagnon Can Help You Turn Your Life Around When All Else Has Failed. Guaranteed!

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  • Weight Watchers: Weight Loss can be a struggle at best. Remove deprevation and create a life style that will keep you slim without the agony of exerting all your will power.
  • Alcohol Addictions: Reduce or eliminate the craving or desire to drink excessively. Enhance any program you may now be in.
  • Stop Smoking Quit smoking now it may be easier than you ever imagined.
  • Anger: Wipeout the feelings of anger that keep you from maximally enjoying life.
  • Anxiety: Anxiety is fear and worry of future events often leading to panic attacks. It has its roots in the past. Get relief with no negative side effects.
  • Athletic Performance: Golf, Archery, Motor Biking, Run faster, Jump higher or excel in any sport beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Bad Habits: Smoking, hair pulling, fingernail biting are only a few of the bad habits quick and easy to fix.
  • Cancer: Mind over matter. Help yourself. Use your mind to maximize surgical and chemotherapy results.
  • Chemotherapy: Alleviate pain, stomach cramping, dry mouth and bowel problems. Stay with your chemo and survive.
  • Eating Disorders: Clear the underlying reason for bulimia or anorexia and then you can eat normally.
  • Fears: Unreasonable fears such as fear of flying and public speaking take the joy out of living. Very fixable.
  • Fear of Flying: Fly comfortably again without the ever present feeling of panic.
  • Grief: Is it time to get over the grief but you just haven’t been able to do so on your own? If it’s time to get on with living then this is the best way.
  • Guilt: Did you do the best you could but you still feel guilty? If its time to move past the guilt, you can do it today.
  • Heart: Learn to relax with self hypnosis.
  • Insomnia: Can’t get to sleep? Wake often? This is quicker and easier to fix than you might dream.
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorders: Washing your hands continually is an OCD example.
  • Pain: Chronic pain you have been told you will have to live with. Hard to believe but relief is at hand.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Something scared the heck out of you. Time to get over it.
  • Rotten Childhood? History of physical, sexual or emotional abuse as a child? Time to let go of the past. Get your revenge by living great life.
  • Sadness: Cry at the drop of a hat? That’s not normal. Relief and a normal life are attainable
  • Self Injury: Problems of the past agonize you. Hurtful feelings can be neutralized if your ready?
  • Sex: If you generally want to improve your sexual enjoyment see the “Secrets to Great Lovemaking
  • Sex: Having sexual problems? Impotence? Frigidity? Lack of desire? Bad sex history? Old Love still haunting you? Good love making is on the horizon!
  • Stop Smoking: Time to stop but just can’t seem to stay off the smokes? Patches, pills and other drugs not acceptable? The answer is here.
    Stress: Causes many physical problems such as headaches and ulcers. Get the key to stress reduction through self hypnosis.
  • Surgery: Recover quickly and with a minimum of medical problems normally associated with surgery and hospital stays. Mind and Body support before and after surgery.



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