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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does hypnosis work?

When all conscious efforts fail, hypnosis works because the subconscious mind always rules. Getting your subconscious mind to learn something is much easier than unlearning an inappropriate behavior. Hence, because hypnosis works directly with your inner mind (sc) change is much easier and quicker.

  • Does that mean that we are victims to our subconscious?

Not at all. In reality your subconscious serves you very well with many positive and helpful patterns of life such as driving a car, simply walking, typing and speaking english. It all happens “automatically” through the subconscious. What a marvelous gift!

  • Why am I having so much trouble changing what I don’t want?

Well unfortunately you learned the behavior you no longer want. Because you have a brilliant subconscious mind it soon learned the behavior that it thought you wanted (or didn’t want) for yourself and it began to perform the task for you. You no longer had to consciously think about how to perform that task. Driving, smoking and even anger are good examples.

  • Does that mean that with your hypnosis I can learn to do something or do something better?

Yes, absolutely! Recently I worked with a 12 year old girl that truly wants to be an actress. For most people that is an impossible dream but she has been working at it since she was six. She is now headed to LA for auditions. My role was to help boost her confidence and presentation skill. She is a motivated young lady and she will do amazingly well.

  • Can everyone be hypnotized?

No. However, most motivated individuals that can follow simple instructions can be hypnotized and successful with my hypnosis. You can click here to get on my home page, do the MINI-SESSION there and see how well you do. Let me know when you call.

  • Is hypnosis safe?

In the hands of a professional, absolutely. Some people think they can “play” with hypnosis and that can cause problems for the person they “play” with. Remember they are “playing” with the core of your life and behavior. An amateur could simply say the wrong thing that could have some unpleasant outcomes. Stick to an experienced professional.

  • What about your rates?

Well, my rates are probably way above a nonprofessional or amateur. I don’t like to lock myself into rates because I am flexable and I will even take payments. Because of my experience I get the job done quickly, therefore my rates overall will cost you less than most anyone else. Overall, your cost will be less than insurance co-pays over time. No I don’t take insurance.


  • Your Question:

I have been experiencing RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) pain as a result of colon cancer surgery. The pain has been chronic for the past two years. It sometimes subsides for a few days or weeks at a time, but returns. I have tried pain shots, medications, therapy, acupuncture–still I am experiencing pain. Have you any thoughts on this situation and would I be a candidate for hypnosis?


RE: RSD. Ouch. I am going to assume that by this time you have reached stage 3 and the doctors are looking to cut nerve endings with no promise of relief. If you have done your research and read between the scientific spin you will see that medically they cannot do much at all. The problem is psychosomatic. Meaning that it is a subconscious and internal response that seems to be uncontrollable.

Because your pain is a subconscious response and because I have worked with several people with RSD with over a 80% success rate I expect that together we should be able to resolve this unwanted and very painful problem.

Contact me with more information at drleog.com/form/ as soon as possible. Dr. Gagnon

Your question:

  • Me and my husband are having two problems. He has very bad anxiety and I am very lazy and have a little bit of depression. We would like some more information on your programs.  Sabrina

Sabrina, First of all we thank you for your inquiry.

If your husband has “very bad anxiety” he has more than 2 problems all on his own. So let me address that briefly first. Anxiety is typically being afraid of the future and not knowing what to expect. It has its roots in the past.

My program starts with a discovery consultation, about 15 to 20 minutes and won’t cost you anything and there is no obligation. Although it’s hard to get an anxiety person to the phone, never mind driving to a therapist, getting him to a phone for the consult is probably the easiest thing. Choose a good day and a good time of day. Following the consult we start to follow the path backwards to extinguish old anxiety patterns. Typically it doesn’t take too long to do this and is not as emotionally painful as other therapies are. Bottom line, I Really need to talk with him.

About laziness. Again, we need to talk. First guess the depression is moving you to “laziness” where you don’t feel like doing much at all. Discussing the root of your depression and clearing it will make a world of difference to you.

What most people want to know is how much? I can’t answer the question yet. Too many unknowns. I do flat fee programs with typically amazing results But I need to know more.

Let me suggest that you go to drleog.com/form/ and complete the form and send it to me. I’ll call you and we’ll talk. Dr. Leo

PS I have fixed these problems actually thousands of times in my decades as a hypnotherapist. I would love to add you to my success roster. Dr. L

Your question:

  • I wanted to find out how you would handle a 22 yr old Melancholy personality type with ADHD? Donna

Dr. Gagnon would use hypnotherapy to accomplish your goals. You would need to be specific as to what you truly wanted to achieve.

Please go to drleog.com/form/ and fill out the confidential form and submit it to us and one of us will give you a call.

Your question:

  • I am severely suffering from post traumatic stress. In my dreams I have been reliving the abuse my husband did to me. I have woken up with choke marks around my neck and I even woke up with a cigarette burn!!! could have burned down the house!!! I am need of help right away!!!

Kari, your inner mind is screaming for resolution and will give you no peace until you clear the emotions from that terrible abuse. The doctor has helped many people, like yourself, that have been severely wounded emotionally. He thinks that you need some help that will bring rapid relief in a very short time. Because he specializes in that type of emotional resolution work he can usually help you reclaim your life quickly. He will need to talk with you to find out just how quickly he can turn this around for you.

Please complete the information form for us. You can find the confidential form at drleog.com/form/. We’ll get back to you ASAP. The doctor is waiting to help you.

Your question:

  • Where are offices located, and what are the rates for sessions?

Judy, I had an office in Phoenix for 28 years now I have settled in Prescott Arizona. I typically work by phone nationally and the results are fantastic.
Rates depend on how much work we need to do. Please complete an information form at drleog.com/form/ then I will call and demonstrate to you how decades of experience and the telephone make a very powerful vehicle for change for you. Dr. Leo

Your question:

  • I am a guy who is bisexual. Can hypnosis make me straight?

Rob, that would depend upon your motivation to be straight and the cause of your bisexual tendencies. With bisexual tendencies the most general answer is yes. Gay and Lesbian tendencies are different and the general answer is no.
Go back to my web page drleog.com/form/ and complete an information form if your serious.
Dr. Leo

Your question:

  • I have a 6 year old that needs to stop thumb-sucking. Can you help? Is it safe for kids?

Sheri, First there is nothing unsafe about hypnosis even for kids. Second, 6 is normally too young to work with. I suggest your go to the library or checkout internet information on helping a child to stop sucking their thumb. Typically a child at this age is past the need for sucking, which represents comfort and it’s a youngsters version of “comfort food”. It often is associated with a feeling of insecurity. You may want to look at how secure he feels at home and in his environment. Perhaps you can make some changes at home that will help to comfort his insecurity. Normally a 6 year old will soon start school and being in a group of kids that might make fun of him or at least not suck their thumb will most often extinguish the behavior.
Best of luck.
Dr. Leo

Your question:

  • I need a tape, not a session. Because I am too uptight and I can’t relax in person (or over the phone) I’m very paranoid and I feel like I’m being watched and I just want a tape I can listen to and be helped.

Dear Amanda;
Dr. Gagnon can record a session for you but we need to understand exactly what kind of help you are looking for. Why don’t you call us at 898-368-0433.
If you’d like to speak with Dr. Gagnon and explain to him just what you want, that is okay too. Just give us a call at our toll-free number 1-898-368-0433.
Let me know how you would like to proceed.

Your question:

  • Where are you located? If not in the Knoxville, TN area, can you recommend someone here? What should I expect to pay for one session? Thanks.

Dear Hope;
Dr. Gagnon works with folks nationwide. He has decades of experience in hypnotherapy and for the last 2 decades he has worked by telephone exclusively.
Dr. Gagnon has several programs that greatly reduce the amount per session. Each person is an individual so overall fees vary widely.
The best way to handle this is to go back to our web page and fill out the confidential form and submit to us. One of us will call you to schedule a free telephone consultation with Dr. Gagnon. He’ll answer all of your questions, and quote you a price. That way you’ll know exactly how much. He’ll also do a mini-hypnosis test to ensure you’ll make a good hypnotic subject.

Your question:

  • I suffer from impotence. I know it is all in my head. How much will it cost to fix it?

Hi Tim;
A lot less than any other way.
Hypnotherapy works very well in fixing male impotence.
I would suggest you go back to the webpage at: www.besthypno.com/sex/  From there fill out the confidential form at the bottom of the page and submit to us.
I’ll give you a call and set up a free telephone consultation with Dr. Leo.

Your question:

  • Does insurance cover hypnotherapy visits as it does visits with a regular psychologist?

Dear Lisa;
No, we do not accept any insurance. We did several years ago but the insurance companies did not want to pay the billings (about $80,000 dollars worth) so we stopped accepting insurance.
Try to remember that with a psychologist you may only pay a co-pay but it will add up quickly over the years needed for psychotherapy. See the page about hypnosis for statistics. I’m hoping this answers your questions?

Your question:

  • I have a roommate that wants to quit drinking but is a severe alcoholic and has seizures when he is detoxing and has detoxed and had cravings mentally and went back to drinking because he says his brain needs it to be normal. CAN YOU HELP??? and HOW MUCH IS IT???? HELP

Dear Leanne;
Yes, Dr. Gagnon has worked with hundreds of people that were struggling with alcoholism successfully.
You can go to our website at: besthypno.com/alcohol.htm fill out the confidential form you find on that page and submit it to us. I’ll call and schedule a free consultation appointment with Dr. Gagnon.
If you’d like to speak with Dr. Gagnon first, you can give us a call at 1-898-368-0433.

Your question:

  • I have a 12 yr old son with anxiety issues. Do you work with children and where are you located?

Dear Dianne;
Yes, Dr. Gagnon does work with children. He works with people nationally by telephone so that makes is easier not to have to find and drive to an office.
If you’d like to speak with Dr. Gagnon directly, please call our toll-free number at 1-898-368-0433.

Your question:

  • I am student and I have major problems with public speaking to the point of hindering success in my school presentations. I was wondering if you have a treatment that targets this problem. And can I pay you with a check? Thanks for your time.

Good Morning Alex;
Yes, The Gagnon Method of hypnotherapy works very well with public speaking. Dr. Gagnon has helped many people overcome their reluctance to speak in public.
Yes, we do take checks. If you’re interested in working with Dr. Gagnon, please go to his website at: drleog.com/form/ and fill out the confidential form and submit to us. I’ll give you a call and schedule a free consultation for you to speak with Dr. Gagnon. He’ll answer all of your questions and he’ll give you a quick session to make sure you would make a good hypnosis subject.

Your question:

  • I need a list of your locations.

Dr. Gagnon works nationally with people by telephone. If you’d like to speak with him directly, please call, toll-free at 1-898-368-0433.

Your question:

  • I have lost something valuable to me. Can hypnosis help me determine where I lost it?

Dear Hannah;

Yes, hypnosis can help you remember. Dr. Leo works nationally by telephone. Please let me know if you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gagnon to dicsuss probalities and cost.

Your question:

  • My adult son struggles with pornography addiction, and it blights everything in his life. Can you help him overcome it and leave pornography behind forever?

Yes, hypnotherapy works very well in all kinds of addiction matters. Ask your son to go to our website at: besthypno.com/addictions.htm and fill out the confidential form there and Dr. Leo will give him a call and discuss this issue with him.
Hypnosis works with the sub-conscious mind. Therefore, Dr. Leo can assist your son in removing any and all desire for pornography.

Your question:


Good Morning Vega;

Absolutely! Dr. Gagnon works very successfully with all kinds of fears, including a fear of animals.

Dr. Gagnon works nationally via the telephone. He has decades of experience and the last 20 years have been via the telephone.

The best course of action is to go to our web page at: http://besthypno.com/fears.htm and fill out the confidential form at the bottom of the page and submit it to us. I’ll give you a call and set up a time when you can speak to Dr. Gagnon and ask him all of your questions, free of charge.

Or, if you’d like to speak to him first, you can give us a call at our toll-free number: 1-898-368-0433.

Your question:

  • I have a friend that has an alcohol addiction and I want to get him treated.

The Gagnon Method of Hypnotherapy works very well with alcohol addiction. I’ve sent along a couple of testimonials Dr. Gagnon has received from clients he’s worked with for this issue. It would be best for you to speak directly with Dr. Gagnon and discuss this issue. He would also need to speak with your friend to decide just how serious your friend is in accepting help. At that time Dr. Gagnon would be able to quote you a price.

You may call and speak with Dr. Gagnon at the toll-free number listed below and I would suggest you go the website at: besthypno.com and fill out the confidential form located at the bottom of the page and submit that to us. That form helps Dr. Gagnon understand some of the issues he would be working with.

Your question:

Absolutely, Dr. Gagnon has been very successful in working with gentlemen to improve their abilities in the bedroom. You can call and talk with him anytime. His toll-free telephone number is: 1-898-368-0433. Also Checkout sex therapy.

Your question:

  • I am an emotional wreck! I can’t breathe, I can’t sleep and I can’t even eat. My boyfriend and I broke up after 7 years and I don’t know what to do. Can you help me?

Mary, I know life feels too heavy to live right now but to answer your question, YES, Dr. Gagnon can help you. You are buried under a pile of old emotional baggage. Hypnotherapy works very well in clearing out that old baggage with him and helping you begin anew. I’ve attached a couple of testimonials written by Dr. Gagnon’s clients that may help you. You can go to our website at: drleog.com/form and fill out the confidential form and submit it to us. We’ll get right back to you. Remember, there is someone who cares.

Your question:

  • I can’t sleep. I’ve tried several things including meds and nothing helps me. Can you?

Hypnotherapy is a great tool for helping you go to sleep and stay asleep. Dr. Gagnon has worked successfully with thousands to help them get a good night’s sleep. You can go to our website at: besthypno.com/sleep.htm and fill out the confidential form at the bottom of the page and submit it to us or you can give us a call at our toll-free telephone number: 1-898-368-0433. If sleep is important to you, then take the necessary steps to receive the help you deserve.


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