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Reiki Healing Solutions – Guaranteed

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Kathleen Gagnon
Allow me to introduce my wife, Kathleen, a Healer, Intuitive and the light of my life. Coming from a deep Christian Pentacostal background, she has come to realize her true spiritual potential in her Metaphysical work that she would like to share with you. Today she is the healer she had always dreamt of being and her intuitive skills just keep expanding.

Here is how you can benefit.

  • Send Spiritual Light Healing to a friend or relative needing some help or maybe just ask for that Healing Energy for yourself. Remember your God has many teachers and helpers on this planet to help you when you ask for help in your prayers.

Reiki Spiritual Healing Energy can be sent anywhere around the world.

Kathleen channels Healing Energy from the Universe (God) and directs it to where it is most needed by an individual. You might feel it as a warmth in your body or simply a “strange” but peaceful feeling when the Energy is sent. The Energy, once sent, continues to work but additional Energy tends to compound the healing effect.

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  • Tarot Card Readings by Kathleen are wonderous events. Kathleen is a gifted woman that will look into the cards for you regarding health, money and love and she will amaze you.

Readings are recorded on a CD so you can replay the reading often. The CD will be sent upon completion. All of Kathleens work is completely confidential.

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