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The Gagnon Method for Hypnosis is Today’s Secret To A Stress Free Day

Hypnosis Solution To Stress Can End Stress Today! Stress will ruin your day, the day of people around you and even your life.
Seventy-eight percent of people interview say their job or business is the basis for the majority of their stress. Recent scientific studies have shown that absenteeism, illness and workmen compensation claims went down while team moral went up when stress reduction techniques were consistently applied.

In order to reduce stress you must take charge of your life.
Here are seven ideas mandatory to excellent mind and body health.
Find ways to take exquisitely good care of your mind and body.
Use hypnosis to understand your negative or hurtful feelings and thoughts ultimately determine the course of every action in your life. Control them.
Understand that blaming anyone, including yourself, is a total waste of time.
Take responsibility for yourself, the choices you make and all of your actions.
Accept and love yourself as you are right now.
Allow yourself to become the authority in your life.
Use Hypnotherapy to achieve all the above and more.
While the causes of stress are plentiful, what can you do right now to take some stress out of your life? Learn to breathe. Most Americans normally breathe the shallow breath of the depressed and stressed individual. Put you hand on your abdomen while you are breathing normally. If there is minimal movement of your abdomen you are very likely a shallow breather.

Change that. Breathing deeply and fully many times during the day can make a significant difference in the way you feel. In order to maximize your benefits, do it often and deliberately. Soon it will become a welcome habit.

Here’s how. First, with your hands on your stomach take a deep breath. Notice your stomach rising as you inhale and then squeeze the air out of your lungs using you stomach muscles. Relax those muscles and breath normally. It feels pretty good, doesn’t it?

Now that you have a simple idea of what a deep breath is all about, let’s do the kind of deep breathing that will make a significant difference in your life over the long run. The way to do that is to inhale, hold and exhale to the count of 4 – 8 -4. Do that now? Inhale deeply as you count to 4. Hold that breath to the count of 8 then exhale to the count of 4 again.

For some, doing a controlled breath for what seems to be such a long count may be a stretch. You may have to work up to it, but most people can do it comfortably. Deliberately take fifty or more deep breaths each day. Once taking an extended deep breath becomes a habit, you will find significant relief from many stress symptoms such as head and body aches and pains. Your life will become more orderly and calm and you can expect to simply feel better.

Compound the benefits of deep breathing with a powerful relaxation program such as “Meltdown” and expect your entire life to be calmer, your relationships friendlier, and your sense of well being enhanced.

Do you have stress in your life today because of Anger, Sadness, Fears or Guilt?
You May Need Professional Help To Get Those Emotions Under Control.

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Reduce the Cause of Stress with Hypnosis
Hypnosis Clears Stress.

You cannot afford stress and you must reduce stress using hypnosis especially if you suffer from one or some of these stress related problems:

Stress and Tension Headaches, Muscle Cramps & Spasms, Back Pain, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Jaw Tension, Chronic Pain, Migraine Headache, Cold Hands and Feet, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, Arthritis, Stomach Pain, Digestive Disorders, Cancer, Stroke, Irregular Heart Rate, Insomnia, Fatigue, Breathing Irregularities, Profuse Perspiration, Alcohol or Drug Abuse, Sexual Dysfunction, Anxiety, Depression, Emotional Instability, Fears, Phobias, Living in Past or Future, Forgetfulness or Clumsiness.

And hypnosis is the tool that will fix stress and not mask it!

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Stress and the effects of stress may be reduced or eliminated if you just stop and relax. If you learn how to rest your mind and body during the day by using deep breathing techniques and relaxation you could easily reduce or even prevent many stress-related problems.

The problem with stress is that the constant presence of stress hormones begins to wear down the body?s immunological system; whatever part of the body is weakest will show signs of dysfunction first. Some or all of the following may occur when you are stressed. . .

Your heartbeat increases to pump blood throughout the necessary tissues with greater speed, carrying oxygen and nutrients to cells and clearing away waste products more quickly.
As your heart rate increases, the blood pressure rises.
Breathing becomes rapid and shallow.
Adrenaline and other hormones are released into the blood.
The liver releases stored sugar into the blood to meet the increased needs for survival.
Your pupils dilate to let in more light; all the senses are heightened.
Muscles tense for movement, either for flight or protective actions.
Blood flow is greatly constricted to the digestive organs.
Blood flow increases to the brain and major muscles.
Blood flow is constricted to the extremities.
The body perspires to cool itself, since increased metabolism generates more heat.
Your stress response is appropriate if you are confronted by some threat to your life. But most often in our society stress is triggered by a situation which is stressful but not life threatening. Your consciousness has developed to the extent that emotions, ideas, memories and expectations can trigger stress. That often means getting a little professional help to move you beyond the mental and emotional triggers.

“I came across your website while surfing the net one night, and found myself all “too well” fitting your description of a person under stress. I ordered your tape, and I love it. Being a highstrung person, I can’t “ever” remember feeling that relaxed in my life.
Thank you,
Julie Anderson


POWERNAP is a CD designed to guide your mind and body into deep and profound levels of relaxation. A combination of ancient and modern techniques for your mind and body assists you in releasing tension and letting go of each day’s stress. You will then be free to enjoy the remainder of your day with a clear head and comfortable body.

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