Valium Fear Of Flying

What dose of diazepam (Valium) will genuinely take the edge off a very nervous flyer?

Sometimes flyers who are nervous will be needing a special medication to do away with their uneasiness. Valium, having the generic name diazepam has the ability to help flyers in taking the edge off their nervousness. Read this article to know more about Valium’s efficacy.

An aerophobic person may be afraid of flying for a lot of reasons. It may be that the person fears that the plane might get hijacked or that it might crash, or, it might be just the fear of sitting in a closed aluminium vessel travelling at few hundred miles per hour at an altitude of few thousand feet above sea level, or, in other words, claustrophobia.

On a professional front, this phobia is rather an inconvenience, because air travel is something that can’t be avoided. A person may have to go for business to travel between countries, or meet a family member overseas for vacation etc. This fear of flying becomes a disorder when it severely affects someone’s living and hence cripples him from efficiently functioning in the society.

How to treat aerophobia?

There are many non-medical ways to suppress this fear, like, distraction, facing the fear, visiting a psychotherapist, CBT etc. These techniques are efficient and it is always advised to opt for non-medical approaches before resorting to a medical help. But sometimes, non-medical approaches may not work, or maybe that the person just wants to temporarily disable this fear, at least for that few hours during flight journey from New York to Los Angeles for instance.

A long-acting benzodiazepine, like Valium, 45 minutes before the departure is the best option to curb this fear. Valium generics (Diazepam) is reputed as an efficient anxiolytic drug. Valium works by enhancing the GABA transmission between neurons. In layman terms, more GABA means less anxiety.

What is the right dosage to suppress nervousness while flying?

The right dosage of Valium generally depends on the tolerance developed by a person to Valium. A person who has never taken Valium in his life before, can work with 2.5mg, 45 minutes before the flying journey.

For a person who is already on Valium medication, may have to talk to the doctor and get his dosage conditionally increased specifically for a flight journey. The doctor might increase the Valium dosage by 4mg in that case.

Alternatively, to know that perfect dosage, that will effectively take the edge off a nervous flyer, he could try 2.5 mg before the flight and increase the dosage by 1mg during the flight, keeping in mind that the effects of Valium kick in 30-45 minutes after consumption. Once the right dosage has been found, stick to that dosage. It is always advisable to talk to the doctor before experimenting on the dosage of Valium since it is a benzodiazepine and benzos can get addictive. It is also advised to talk to a therapist who is trained to help such people before beginning to take Valium.

Buying Valium and using it may take the edge off a very nervous flyer, but a frequent traveller may develop tolerance or dependency towards it. For such a reason, it is best to combine psychotherapeutic intervention with a well supervised drug intervention, if the person is a frequent traveller, who is afraid of traveling.