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Your weight loss can be successful beyond your wildest imagination if you understand what has not worked for you in the past and then do something differently. Your Babe-a-licious self wants you to show her off. Have you become tired of being overweight? Tired enough to do something serious about it?

Put your subconscious mind to work for you and keep the change.

If you fall short of the will power you need, have a problem changing bad eating habits, or if you’re driven to eat emotionally my weight loss hypnosis will help you. Keep struggling to do things the way you always have and eventually you will fail again gaining your weight back.

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My hypnosis will automatically give your subconscious the inner will power you need to be successful. You will create a delightful eating lifestyle without conscious effort.

People fail because of bad eating habits. Seconds, snacks and mindless eating are amongst the biggest offenders.

My hypnosis will automatically assist you from within to forget to eat snacks, drink more water, and create good eating habits that last for a lifetime

People sometimes fail because they are using comfort food to stuff past or present emotions. Comfort food will quell the emotions for a short time but will also puts the pounds on and sabatoge your weight loss efforts.

My hypnosis will help quickly and easily unplug your emotional BS freeing you from emotional eating.

Diet Programs Won’t Work Without Changing Your Inner Mind

WARNING: Failure to change the old subconscious programming will lead to increased frustration and an inability to keep the weight off.

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Dear Dr. Gagnon;
I wanted to take a moment and say Thank you for the help you’ve provided to me. It has literally turned my life around. I called you to see if you could help me lose weight. My medical doctor was very upset with me because of my high blood pressure. He told me I had to lose weight or go into the hospital. Since I began my sessions with you, I’ve lost 27 lbs., I’ve begun an exercise program and my blood pressure is down to normal.

For all of those accomplishments, I thank you but the amazing twist to this story is the real reason I was over-eating and had high blood pressure. I had lost several family members, including my husband within a very short time span and I had not dealt with my grief. I had spent my efforts in suppressing my sadness and unhappiness. You were able to identify my problem and worked with me to let all that sadness and unhappiness go.

Thanks to you, I’ve started living life again.

I can’t thank you enough. Everything you said was true. I certainly don’t understand how your hypnotherapy works, I just know it has really worked for me. I am happier than I’ve ever been. I am enjoying life by living each day as an adventure. Thank you for all of your support, kind words and gentle persuasion. Because of you, I can smile from the inside out.
Thank you, Kathy Cooke

My exclusive trance formulas actually guarantee increased will power, elimination of bad eating habits, powerful yet simple ways to wipeout raging emotions and create a slim lifestyle using any diet program of your choice. Many have wasted a lifetime trying to get this support elsewhere and failed. They got fat again and came to think of themselves as a fat failure. You can avoid all this misery right now.

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