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If you’ve never experienced my hypnosis, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Sessions begin with a wonderful relaxation. Some tell me it’s even better than a massage or a bubble bath for the ladies. As we move through the relaxation we relax your body and your mind preparing it for hypnosis direction or hypnotherapy.
In working with me, you will always be aware of my voice and always remain in control. I will guide you like an inner coach to accomplish things in your life that normally wouldn’t happen.

Private sessions by telephone are confidential, private and exceedingly effective.
Convenient scheduling regardless of weather
The changes you want happen quicker.
Imagine working in the privacy of your home or office or traveling
No longer do you need to experience the drugery of rushing across town and wasting hours of your valuable time wrestling your way through traffic.
Overcome Obstacles To Your Happiness


In the privacy and comfort of your home

Online Therapy using trance states has never been more convenient and more effective.

Your therapy begins with knowing what you want to change or make better in your life. Even though most of our real work will be done on the telephone you remain essentially anonymous and your session work is with a seasoned professional.

Have been suffering long enough?
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A Short Message From Dr. Gagnon:

Several years ago because of an unfortunate accident I pioneered the concept of telephone hypnosis sessions when I was unable to go to the office.

I discovered that, for me, the hypnosis was easier to do by telephone than in person and amazing results followed. All that was needed was a willing subject, someone that wanted the help.

In the beginning reception by my clients was cautious. They’d never heard of something so radical and they were skeptical. Surprisingly their results increased and I found my clients wanting to continue with the telephone sessions even when I was back in the office and they could come into the office. They loved the phone sessions!

My clients indicated how comfortable they were in their own environment, how easy it was to make and keep appointments and the audio technology just seemed to drive the hypnotherapy home. My telephone therapy grew. Today I work exclusively by phone because of it’s outrageously simple approach and powerful results. I think Freud would have used a telephone if he’d had one.

Regardless of the method of hypnotic delivery however, all you really want is results. Your neighborhood therapist may not have finished at the top of his class or have the years of experience required to create guaranteed lasting results. Just by going into his office does not insure the results you want.

One more word about experience. The reason you called on me is because you want results. It’s the years of professional experience and education that I have that will get you the results you want as quickly as is humanly possible. Don’t settle for less than the best.

I will be pleased and honored to guide you to achieve what you want when you’re ready.

At your service,
Dr. Leo Gagnon
Master Hypnotherapist

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