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Getting Well Again

  • PROVEN RADICAL BREAKTHROUGH in Regression Therapy! Decades of research and success demonstrate a painless yet effective method for the release of painful and hurtful memories and emotions. Now after a decade of success with thousands of individuals change can happen quickly and permanently for you too!
  • DR. GAGNON’S REGRESSION HYPNOSIS is recommended when todays troubles and negative emotions just won’t go away! Resolution with my regression therapy is rapid and painless.
  • ALL YOUR PAST IS CONNECTED TO NOW . Your self image, self esteem and the person you are today are linked into your past. You are who you are today because of your past. Suggestions from psychologists, counselors or even other hypnotists to resolve symptoms alone are not enough for a lasting change. When all else has failed to resolve your emotional pain a guaranteed no risk approach to clear a lifetime of misery is indicated.


a no risk approach that clears a lifetime of misery

  • TRADITIONAL AND OLD MODELS OF THERAPY tend to treat one event during a session asking the patient to relive all the memory and all the emotion of the event. The patient leaves the office rethinking and refeeling all the pain involved in that event. If a cure is reached it often takes months and years using this approach.
  • DR. GAGNON’S MODEL OF REGRESSION THERAPY is a rapid and virtually painless approach that unplugs an entire lifetime of emotional pain. Often in less than an hour. The client is guided to the onset or root cause of the emotion. In less than 30 seconds the sensitizing event is painlessly identified and categorized. Within a few minutes a lifetime of hurtful emotions are unplugged. The solution is permanent and the feeling at the completion of the session is one of great relief. The pain is literally gone.
  • DR. GAGNON’S MODEL OF REGRESSION THERAPY WORKS. His methods have been denied as impossible by psychologist, counselors and do-gooders that know nothing about his exclusive work. You can get the help you need at no risk and you will know that his Regression Therapy works for you after only one session. Are you worth a little of your time to be rid of a lifetime of emotional pain? What if Dr. Gagnon’s Therapy works? Wouldn’t you be happier?
  • WHILE CHILDHOOD PHYSICAL AND SEXUAL ABUSE greatly contribute to an individuals troubles today there are other factors to consider. An ABUSIVE X-spouse that was cheating or domineering and/or a controlling partner can leave you with with lots of personally damaging baggage that just won’t go away without regression therapy.
  • ANGER, SADNESS, FEAR, GUILT, REJECTION, BETRAYAL are a few of the major emotions rapidly resolved with Dr. Gagnon’s Regression Therapy.



  • WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU IN THIS LIFE? Regression is directed towards discovering the root cause of your dis-stress in this life. Regression Therapy sessions are designed to quickly assess the initial cause(s) of your emotional pain and unplug it. Occasionally the root cause goes back to ….
  • WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU IN OTHER LIFETIMES? You need not believe in prior lifetimes but in a very similar manner to the methods described above, if the root cause is uncovered in a prior lifetime it is unplugged. As Brian Weise discovered, past life memories can bring about significant understanding and powerful change. Only a few people regress to a past life during hypnosis regression therapy. When it is seen as the reason for their emotional distress the results are very powerful and dramatic.
  • WORKING WITH LAURA to release her feelings of FEAR we discovered those feelings of fear still in her psyche at the time of her birth. Although she was not a believer in prior lifetimes I directed her to go to the past life when she first experienced fear. She described a young woman sitting alone in a wooded setting. Everyone had left her and she was indeed alone and very afraid. Once we unplugged the fearful feeling from the prior lifetime all feelings of being afraid or scared throughout this life evaporated.
  • PAST LIFE INQUIRIES are advised when an individual feels they are suffering from bad Karma. Our work then is refocused on discovering details of prior lifetimes where the bad Karma started. The Karmatic events are cleared and this life gets better.
  • WHO WAS I? Exploring prior lifetimes is interesting and informative. Did you live in the old west when America was being settled? Did you dance at the kings wedding hundreds of years ago? Does the Incan civilization hold a special interest for you? Do you wonder why you have a specific talent or insatiable need to know more about any subject? Want to discover the purpose of this life? Exploring past lives and the details of those lives is the answer.

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